ROC features
December 6, 2021
What is ROC?
December 6, 2021

ROC Line

The oscillator consists of one curve. This line has a period that can be set up depending on the time frame of the chart and the duration of the trade.

For long-term trading suitable for large periods, such as 100 or 200 and time frames from an hour to a day. For short-term trades suitable small periods, for example, in the range from 10 to 15 and time frames from minutes to a half an hour.

The number and quality of signals depend on the period of the ROC line. The shorter the period, the more signals the oscillator gives, but many of them are false. The longer the period, the less signals from the indicator, but they will be more accurate.

Period 14 is often used for medium-term and short-term trading. It is considered optimal in terms of the number and accuracy of signals.

The oscillator line is constantly going and periodically crosses the zero level. Such crossing gives the signals for the opening trades.

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